New Energy, Ted And A Private Screening!

New Energy, Ted And A Private Screening!

Using Robert’s energy techniques, I raised my energy before I began the session. When I took the healing wand in both hands, the shocks of electrical energy started immediately and grew in intensity for the entire length of this session. Even as I put the wand back on its resting place, my hands still feel the electric pulse of the combination wand/energy. Quite amazing!

This session was as if I was sitting in private movie theater for my own screening.

I immediately was taken to my house, in the front yard. Ted was helping me plant my vegetable garden. He was happy and relaxed. He comments on he had forgotten how much he loved to work in the garden. He thanked me for allowing him to help. It was fun. Next thing I know he is ripping out my front flower bed and replanting it. Sweat pouring down his face, beer in hand. He seemed almost childlike in the happiness that oozed through him. I told him that I would help him put in a garden at this house. He shakes his head and says – why bother? He’s never there – either out for business or here.

We’re in my house, same time frame. and he comments that I need to get full house air. I laugh and said be lucky I got new windows. He laughs and says – well why not, its not like it’s unaffordable to be now. I agreed, but reminded him that I like the windows open and the fan at full tilt. I can’t stand being all closed up. Besides, I told him, it makes us enjoy the cold beers even more. He laughs and drinks his beer.

Now I watch he and I at his house in London. I can feel him staring at me, so I ask him what’s up? He has that “thinking” look about him, tapping his index finger to his bottom lip. He gets up and says he has some errands to run. He gets up to leave and gives me a kiss bye. Dare I say he was trying to stifle a grin? I stay behind to work. Must of been a day or two later (we are in different clothes) that we are on horseback — he wants to show me something. I can sense that he is up to something, but he’s shielding his thoughts so I don’t know what.

I see a glimpse of me about to enter very murky water, a stream. I am told it is toxic and if I go in I could die. I assure the people around me that I will not die. And I wade in. I got the feeling that I was expected to cleanse the water with my healing touch.

A fast glimpse of me and Ted in the healing castle from past visions.

I’m in the astral realm with Archangel Gabriel. She is covering me in this very brilliant yellow/gold light. Almost blinding.

I see my son and I, on a plane in first class seating. He is by the window, I’m next to him. He’s excited to take off. I take out a bunch of movies and ask him which DVD he wants to watch. He picks “National Treasure” (which really is one of his favorites).

I’m transported back to when I stepped out of the Star Gate (look back to another session about Lemuria). Ted is telling me that a princess needs to be dressed as one when the public sees her, or she may not be able to have the respect she deserves. Bill is there, in green, and he is leading me away from Ted. I don’t know why, and I don’t know where we are going. But Ted looks to be in an immense amount of emotional pain and trauma.

I hear a voice tell me not to be frightened, that the changes that are happening are all part of my spiritual growth and progress.

With a massive surge of energy tearing up through the center of my body – I was back and finished.

Wow – that was jazzed! I feel tinglely all over 🙂

You know, I had one of my vision flashes today of me being hypnotized, on cue, to remove the blockages my human mind has imposed and become Joan of Arc. It was really awesome. I spoke perfect French, could sword fight like a man, and was yelling at poor Bill as if he was still my cleric. Then I heard someone give me another command and I was just me again. Too cool. I wonder if this could be done? To get hypnotized so that your past lives are allow to flow through with clarity? Hummmmm……

Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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