Nefertiti,Bill And Dimming The Light!

Nefertiti,Bill And Dimming The Light!

As I was falling asleep last night, I was walking along my dream path, with the goddess Brigit, towards my dream portal/work area. I asked her if she would take me to the one I would marry someday in this lifetime. I know that I will be married again – at some point in time – but it is not necessarily a marriage on paper. I wanted to visit Ted this night as it was his birthday and I asked to be taken to Will and to Bill. She agreed. She then told me was the one that I remember the visit with when I awaken will be the one I am married to, but to remember that marriage can mean a spiritual/physical union and not a legal/physical union. I told her I understood.

Right before we were to part ways, she asked me something — Why do you dim your light? My reply was that I didn’t know that I had. She said — Do you believe in your heart that you were Joan of Arc? I nod. Do you believe in your heart that you were Cleopatra? I didn’t react. Why can you believe you were one great woman and not the other? Why do you not see that you have been an influential woman during most of your time on earth? Why do you not understand how influential you are in this life time? Because it just sounds far fetched, even to me. Look to Nefertiti for her life holds answers to your life now. And with that Brigit was gone and I entered the dream portal.

I kept waking up last night after visits from Ted. I knew Ted was there — but I couldn’t remember what happened at all. I don’t remember Will at all last night. But Bill — him I remember and I also remember part of the visit. We were with a lot of people at a party (seems to be a recurring theme with us). He was sitting against a wall watching everyone. I sat down next to him and asked how he was doing. He shrugged -not bad. I had on a nice blouse, a jacket, slacks and panty hose (I remember this really well as I never dress up). I slid off my shoes, hoping that my feet didn’t stink to bad:) I placed both of my legs on Bill’s lap. He took my left foot and started to massage it. Now that felt great! I had a large white purse/shoulder bag — init my cell phone started to ring. I had to take my legs off of Bill to rummage through the bag – -and I had clothes in it – to find the phone. I answered it and it was Ted — wanting to know if I saw Bill. When I told Ted that Bill was right here and I told Bill that it was Ted on the phone — I woke up.

So I guess I had the answer to my question — Bill. But then again at the end, I remember Ted being there although it was via the phone. Seems like I can never get a straight answer when it comes to these two!

Interesting about Brigit’s referral to me dimming my own light. I hadn’t thought of it in that manner, but she’s right. I think that it is interesting that she mentioned Nefertiti, one of the Egyptian Queens: who knows where this is going to take me once I start to explore!

Off to get a move on — big load of work today!

Crystal Sunshine!

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