Are They a Want or a Need?

Are They a Want or a Need?

A want or a need. People struggle with the distinction daily. You don’t NEED a piece of chocolate cake. You WANT it. You don’t NEED another pair of killer heels. You WANT them.

See the difference?

You NEED air. You WANT a cigarette. You NEED water. You WANT a beer.

Needs are something you HAVE TO have for survival. Wants are something that will make you FEEL BETTER.

Now what does this have to do with love?

A relationship of need (do not confuse with needy) is patient, flowing, positive, uplifting, inspiring, secure, and loving.

A relationship of want is impatient, negative, stifling, obsessive, controlling, insecure, and needy.

The distinction is also for those who are looking for a romantic relationship. It doesn’t matter if you have someone specific in mind or not.

When you say to yourself and others, “I NEED someone in my life.” “I need a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.” What you mean is you do not NEED them – you WANT them. Your need for them is needy and probably obsessive. We all know people who scour the dating sites, the in person dating meet-ups, and are hopping through men/women like it is going out of style.

+The need relationship adds value to your life.

-The want relationship takes away value from your life.

This is why so many spouses who were married for 50+ years die within a year of one another. It was a positive, uplifting, loving relationship that added value to the spouse’s life.

If you’re in a current relationship – give it an honest look. Determine if it is a need or want relationship. If it is a want – can you change it to a need?

If you’re looking for a relationship – are you obsessed by it? Or are you putting the need out there and then going with the flow?

All romantic relationships fall into one of the two categories. You may call that category by a different name. But the traits that make up that category remain the same.

When in the need romantic relationship our energy bodies strengthen. With strong energy bodies we attract good fortune, abundance, and prosper.

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