NDE, Russia and Greenland!

NDE, Russia and Greenland!

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve been putting off doing a session today. I honestly don’t know what my beef is – or if there is anything to my delay. I’ve been being pushed to do a session actually since Sat afternoon and I haven’t had the energy to do one. No – maybe that’s not right, my energy is fine. It is possible that I don’t want to know anything. I had a heart to heart with God over the weekend and told him that why do I need to know more if what I know hasn’t done me any good thus far? He responded by saying – child, the sessions are not only for the growth of your soul, but for others. It is others who seek the knowledge of your experiences. If you sit and contemplate what has passed, you will see that more has happened than you give credit for. You are helping the Divine path.

Okay – I’ll give him that. What I should do someday is sit down and read back through my blog/journal entries. I know that there are items that I have forgotten about.

And I’m still stalling, aren’t I? I hate when I nark on myself.

I’ll get my wand and see what happens.

Wow – at least now I know why I was putting this off. I saw my own death – and come back. Ouch! Honestly, not what I was expecting in this session.

I am immediately taken inside of a limo. Bill and I are on one side and Ted is sitting on the other. We are trying to drive down a street in Italy, but the limo is being mobbed. I can here sirens, as people are pounding on the glass trying to get us to open the windows or come out. The voices are muffled, so I don’t know why we are being mobbed. But I look at the guys and tell them – it isn’t supposed to be like this. Bill says, get used to it. I reply – but this isn’t why we’re together. We need to get away where no one will know us so that we can work in peace. Bill says Russia. We’re like – Russia? Ted comments that it’s been awhile since he’s been there. Bill knows a family in a remote region that will help in exchange for money. We agree on it.

I see us in a small house. The people are poor, but very nice, loving and friendly. We are sitting around a worn table drinking I think – vodka – when we hear noise approaching. Some how people learned we were here – the Russian gov’t knew and we’re coming for us. I comment that we’ll never have a chance to be alone if we go with them. That’s when I feel this ungodly pain in my chest – just like someone reached in a grabbed my heart and decided to squeeze the piss out of it. I looked at Bill & Ted and said – oh no. Down I went. The last thing I can remember were Bill and Ted placing their hot hands on me. Next, I can remember a light and traveling very fast. I’m going through this going – wow – how cool. I can see my family and friends that I do not recognize from this lifetime – but I am happy to see them. Jesus says something to me and I comment that I’d love to stay, but my work is not done. 71 40 I hear and I see us (me, Bill and Ted) surrounded by ice, and snow – we’re bundled up so tight – it’s almost as if we are in a building made of ice. Then I feel myself falling.

I open my eyes and I’m in a Russian hospital with Bill on one side and Ted on the other. I tell them what happened and that we need to get out of here. I have a feeling that I’ll be experimented upon and I don’t want it.

We’re in Egypt and we’re looking at the Valley of the Kings. I comment that they are digging in the wrong place and Bill points to our right – we nod. I tell them that we must get to Mexico, for more answers are awaiting us there.

Then that’s it.

The 71 40 has to be coordinates – I keep seeing 71N 40W. I wonder where it is? Let me go see if I can find out. Found it – Greenland – Icecap – right smack dab in the NationalPark I, Nordgronland Og Ostgronlar with the “O” all having a diagonal line through it – which I can’t do on this keyboard.

Interesting. I wonder what in the world we are to find there out in the middle of the cold?

I don’t know if I find that more interesting or the fact that I get to have a NDE. Not looking forward at all to the heart attack — I hate pain. And I did not look much older than I do right now – neither did the guys, but my guess is that they were already in their lower 50’s. So maybe 5 years from now.

More food for thought!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. Allie. I hope you are still around on this or at least notified about this message. I recently had a revelation of this same park. Nordgronland og ostgronlar. I need to know if you have done any research into this desolate looking place. I can’t exactly tell you what significance this place has but I did some research typing the name in and the only thing that popped up was YOUR blog.

  2. allietheiss

    WOW! I had honestly forgotten all about this post since it’s been 6 years. I haven’t done any research yet – but now with your comment I may have to start digging. Thanks for reaching out. If you come across anything – please let me know! Allie 🙂

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