Myspace, Herkimer Diamond, Bill And Astral/Dream Travel!

Myspace, Herkimer Diamond, Bill And Astral/Dream Travel!

Remember that finger that I sliced the hell out of last year? Did it again. Same finger, down to the bone – blood everywhere. Good thing my hubby is a First Aid responder – to rescue me from my stupidity. Just so happened he’s on vacation this week. I really @ucked it up. This time with glass and not a pair of scissors. Yeah – should probably get stitches, but I’m not. All I’m trying to do now is stop the bleeding. Dang – me and sharp objects just do not go together.

I jazzed up my Myspace page before I had my oops:

Years ago, when I just knew Bill as the blue eyed man in my dreams, I bought a double Herkimer diamond that was already broke apart. Although apart, the smaller piece fits snuggly into the larger piece and you wouldn’t know it was two pieces unless you went up to it and picked it up. I had bought it to give the larger Herkimer to blue eyed man (Bill) and the smaller piece to me – both in a three stone pendant that we could wear.

In case you do not know what the metaphysical properties of a Herki are: Enhances dream states and helps you remember your dreams more clearly so that you can learn from them. Encourages astral travel. It is also an “attunement stone.” It can used to oneself to a person, environment or activity. For continual attunement between two people, two herkimers can be held or worn simultaneously. It also stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and assist in prescience and telepathic communication.

Needless to say – as soon as I hear from Bill, I will make us each the pendant.

Now, I’ve had these stone spirits for at least 10 years and not once have I taken them into dreamtime with me – until last night. And good GOD it was an active night! I can remember running into Bill all night. I’d be right in the middle of my dream and there he is – I’d ask how he got there? He’d laugh and say he didn’t know. Then we’d be whisked away to one of his dreams. As the night wore on we started to play a game where one of us would think of a dream and we’d both go. One dream though was at my mom’s house. I can remember the sky being dark like it will rain. We want to go in the corn field (which is now gone in real life and replaced by houses) – and the rain gently falls. We are having fun in the rain, but we decide we want another dream – when we try to leave the wind and rain picks up something fierce. I woke up then and stayed up.

The dream time was so dang busy. I think that I’ll try again, but this time write stuff down each time I wake up. I would keep returning to my body – I could feel the fall, the body thud, and I’d awaken – to a cat on me — which is what kept bringing me back! I’d be – that was cool and go right back to sleep without writing a thing down. I’m glad we had fun.

Enough typing with one hand – how annoying. When I try to use the other hand – blood pours all over, so I’ll keep it elevated for now.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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