My Weekend, Vincent And Dream Visits!

My Weekend, Vincent And Dream Visits!

Last weekend turned out nothing like I had hoped it would. Instead of the fun I envisioned – I had to make an emergency run to the vet with my cat Samantha. She really wasn’t doing well – and all the way there I prayed that she’d be coming home with me. She did – with 4 meds 2x a day. Thyroid out of whack, heart mummer, not eating, infection around the liver, red blood count borderline anemic and of course her white cells were through the roof. This cat may be 5.8 lbs, but trying to give her meds that get her so upset she foams at the mouth is a chore. Somehow in the course of giving her meds Sat night, I tore a muscle in my back. God it hurt. With no one to rub any Icy Hot on my back (my son was at his dad’s) I spent the whole night in pain – no sleep. Same went for Sun until my son came home and helped me out. Today I bought more Icy Hot and a heating pad. I happened to tear the back muscle in the same spot where I hold all my tension. I think my poor back just had enough. So the weekend sucked big time – but Samantha is doing a touch better. Not great – but better -and I’m thankful.

By now you’ve seen my previous post about the Maria Shaw show on being gone. It sucks – I had fun chatting with those guys every week and tag teaming with Maria on callers. SIGH. Maybe Psychiconair will have a brain and bring them back. I have a feeling though that Maria and gang are moving up to bigger and better things.

BTW…did you listen to today’s podcast? You should if you want some good deals on my services 🙂

Friday evening I had an odd dream about being at my childhood home (where my mom still lives) but it wasn’t her home, but mine. In the attached 2 car garage there was an elaborate cage system that was attached to the ceiling of the garage. I have no idea who I was in the garage with – but I told them that my ex husband built it for the cats to have some outside air or if we needed them out of the main house for a bit. The person stated – it’s up rather high. My reply – just in case the area floods (the house is no where near water of any kind). For some reason there was a school bus in this garage. Me, this person and I think my son climbed inside of it. While we were in there it tipped to the side and rolled over on its roof. That woke me up. I will also add here that the garage (at least) looked like I or anyone else hadn’t lived there in awhile. It was shaken up like an earthquake or like a nuclear bomb that wiped out all the people/animals, but kept the dwelling intact. It was strange.

Now Sat night I had a dream visit with Vincent. We were on of all things – a bus. But it was one of those decked out charter buses, not a school bus. He looked tired, worn down, but okay – like he had just gotten himself out of a bad situation and he knew that he was on the mend. On this bus we were driving through Wooster – I was showing him around, he was amazed on how cheap everything was here. I told him that compared to NYC, just about anywhere but LA or London is cheaper:) What was weird is that he knew of our connection, but he wanted me to know that he knew without anyone else on the bus knowing he knew. He sat across from me for the longest time and just stared at me. It was a bit unnerving – because his stare can be very intense. He kept putting his hand over his mouth – like his chin would rest in his hand. Finally he got up and sat next to me (we were in the back of this bus and I was on the very back seat which was a bench seat). Next to me I had a bunch of books. He picked up the stack so that he could sit next to me – I saw him slip something inside of the top book – and he did it so that I would see. He wanted to look at that book – it was an 8 x 11 book with a black cover – I think it said something like Magic 101 as the title.

As he was about to look at the book, I slipped my hand in and pulled out the piece of note book paper he slid in. The handwriting was as bad as mine:) The front of the paper said something like “I know who you are and our connection” and the back had 2 martini recipes on it. I looked at him and said shaken or stirred (my question to him to make sure this was indeed the paper he put in) and he said – shaken. I commented – oh like James Bond. He then handed me a book with a bookmark – it was his diary that was in book form. He told me to turn to Chapter 20 – I did – and on it, circled was him meeting Bill and shaking hands – knowing full well who he was in relation to the soul group. Now he put Bill real name in quotes like: I saw “Bill” standing outside the pizzeria….. When I turned to ask him why he put Bill’s real name in quotes and didn’t put Bill in there – I woke up. Now somewhere in this dream I introduced him to one of my sisters and said that in the blog I called him Bob at first. She said – you mean like the Bob you said I’d marry someday? I said yes, but they weren’t the same guy. I thought about it afterwards – Bill’s birthday is on the 20th. Interesting that he was in Chapt 20 of Vincent’s book.

I fell back to sleep and Vincent and I were in Central Park – holding hands and enjoying the snow falling. We didn’t talk – didn’t even look at one another – just walked in silence. I woke up again, but this time I stayed up.

Andrew and Paul showed up last night as I was getting ready for bed. I said something like – long time no see! They assured me that they had been busy. I asked – working on Vincent? They said yes. I asked how that was coming along? They told me the man has some heavy emotional baggage to get rid of – which he is in the process of – and then he’ll be fine. In the meantime he’s just very heavy energy wise – and will keep tapping into me in order to keep himself afloat. So if all of a sudden I feel down in the dumps – it’s him. not me, and I have to refocus my energy. I asked the guys since they are in charge of my love life and nothing is really happening at the moment (I mean it is – but it isn’t) with it if I missed some condition. They assured me that all is in place for me – career wise. I haven’t missed anything. I said – are you sure – I didn’t have to have the OBE book or outline done? They said no – that whatever relationship I’m supposed to be in will help with the completion of the book. Hummm…..okay I said. At least on my end I’m doing what I’m supposed to.

Time to go make supper!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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