My Son, Bill And Ted!

My Son, Bill And Ted!


First of all the good news – my son doesn’t have an aneurysm! Very – very good news.

Then the not so great news: he had an adverse reaction to the sleep meds. On top of that, he caught a flu bug.

Do what has been happening is he’s been very tired – so much so I can’t get him to stay awake for very long (he slept for 22 hrs on Tuesday). Frequent vomiting (from the sleep meds), diarrhea (from the flu), body trembling & muscle cramps (sleep meds), headaches and a low grade fever (flu).

So Monday it was the Cleveland Clinic in the day – ER at night. Tuesday – ER. Wednesday – Many doctors. He’s had blood drawn, IV w/fluids. There’s a fear that his pancreas could be damaged from the sleep meds – so more blood was drawn yesterday.

I have pills to stop him from throwing up so that I can get him to drink Gatorade. Problem is – all he wants to do is sleep. All he does is sleep – all I do is stay awake. To say I’m tired would be an understatement.

The ex though, I will admit, has pulled his weight through this whole thing. Cleveland Clinic, ER visits and watching our son so that I can get some running around done.

I’m so behind on everything that I could scream – but I am slowly – oh so slowly – getting caught up. I “hope” to get the podcast done today – and the WUYO podcast done tonight. It would be great to post something on the OBE site – I’ll try that later too. Email – as you can imagine – is a nightmare. Don’t be surprised if you do not hear back from me until sometime late next week. Oh – and for some unknown reason I cannot get to Facebook. Every time I try – my computer freezes.

The meeting with ABC Family is postponed to next week. This is actually good news as the last second some changes were suggested to make it different from Disney or a Nickelodeon show. Had the meeting not moved – we wouldn’t have been able to make the changes and ABC Family would have said no.

I’m throwing this in here – Kirk – got your voice mail:) I knew you were going to call – a little birdie told me – glad to hear your news. Sorry too that I can’t come to NOLA at the end of the month 🙁

The small time I did sleep this week – I had a great dream visit with both Bill and Ted. Lately they both have been in the same dream visit – it was so cool. The atmosphere was very peaceful and calm. Ted sat in front if me and I knew I shouldn’t bring up our soul relationship – that I was there to help him and I had to do so without giving him more information about us. He and I were discussing his marriage and the shambles its in (gee – I’m shocked). Bill had gel in his hair and it made it all spiky. I have no clue why I remember that part – except that he did look really cute. He kept walking past me and either giving me a quick hug or a kiss. The guy was all smiles. I also knew not to bring up the soul connection to him either – but I also knew that knew already and it could go unspoken. In the midst of all this – I was on set of an Indy film I wrote (I’m guessing the one I am working on now). Steven Spielberg was there reading the script (he was directing). My assistant called him Steven Spiel – Berry! I about had a heart attack. I corrected her immediately – he didn’t even look up from the script. Will Smith came up behind me as I was watching the start of ‘Men In Black” – I looked at him and said: You did make the suit look good. He was like – huh? So I explained to him about his line in the movie about the suit. Then I woke up.

My son and I are back on the home school kick. Today I was supposed to be ganged up on in the office again to talk about his behavior. I personally have had it with that school. Lucky for me he’s still sick and I had an excuse to cancel. God I need to get him and I out of this town.

I added a new Soul Awakening Healing service as well as an email option to the Full Scale readings.

Next week, starting on Tuesday, I should be back to Keen & Live Person. Well – I should say Keen as I’ve been doing Live Person.

Going to go check on my son – you guys have a good weekend and thanks for all of your love, light and support.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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