My Son, Bill And Dreams!

My Son, Bill And Dreams!

My hair is the bomb. It looks so fabo that I should have done this years ago. My son loves it – says it makes me look fancy – lol! All night he kept telling me how beautiful I was. And the kid needed to make some bonus points – I’ll explain that in a bit. He and I went out to eat last night and the male population in the restaurant was pretty attentive – age didn’t really matter. First time in a long time I’ve had anyone take a second glance at me. It was nice:) I think I’ll keep this color;) It’s much darker now with a great reddish = purplish tint. I definitely look younger.

Now my son. He has been very disruptive in class. I just found this out on Friday right before he brought home his report card. His grades are excellent – but his work attitude during school hours are piss poor. His disturbs other students, is loud, day dreams too much (yet can tell the teacher how to do whatever it is they are working on) and has regressed in every work habit category on the report card. SIGH. When his teacher called me that morning and told me about it – I thought about it for a bit and then I told her – he’s bored. So now they are going to test him for being gifted. I wanted to tell him that yeah – he’s gifted – he’s psychic – but that would freak her I think. Plus – he is an empath and I’ve been trying to work on an energy shield for him to take to school. I think that this will help him to chill at school. As far as being gifted – the kid is in 1st grade and is doing 4th grade math and reading at home. So what do you think? We’ll see what happen in Feb when he’s tested. Right now I just need to keep him out of the principals office.

He and I have had many talks about him being gifted – in the metaphysical sense. There are times he believes me and other times when he doesn’t. So I asked Tracey to do a couple of questions for him – one was his gifts and the other was his life purpose. This is what she said:

We see he has many, many spiritual gifts. He is a pure and true channel for Spirit, in word, deed, and action, having the ability to do automatic writing, verbal channeling, and spirit communication. He has many psychic gifts, the gift of knowing, sensing, seeing, visioning, dreaming, and perceiving. He is a gifted empath. He has artistic abilities, the ability to do spirit art, spiritual expression with much strength and inspiration. He has the gifts of discernment, wisdom, knowledge, and mercy, compassion. He is going to lead, teach, counsel, minister, guide, others, in his lifetime. He has telepathic gifts.

He has many purposes in this life as he is lead others to higher consciousness in this life, a higher level of evolution, is enlightened, and therefore enlightening. He is a spiritual humanitarian leading humanity into the highest consciousness and light, healing. He has much ancient wisdom combined with new spiritual insights, ideas, ideals, thoughts and perspectives that will make positive changes in the collective consciousness of all.

His Higher callings will be direct from Spirit and he will know these and hear these clearly, specifically and he will answer his higher callings and fulfill his missions on Earth. He will actively seek his spiritual purposes. He will always seek the illusive truth, search for the deeper meaning and purpose in all situations. He already recognizes his spiritual self and will answer the calls to express this in the directions that he is called to in this life.

Then I asked about him and Will:

He and Will are going to be very close to one another, developing a strong bond and friendship built on trust and mutual respect. They will have an instant rapport with one another. He is highly intuitive and he knows things before they happen and this allows him to know and sense whom he can trust in his life and with those whom he loves.

There will be a deep relationship formed between the two of them. There will be no distinction that he is your son, that Will is his step father, as Will is going to treat him as his own son, and your son will treat him as his dad. The two of them will have much love, admiration and affection for one another. They will spend much time with one another. They will be friends, companions, and yet he will have the utmost respect for him, and see Will as someone he can trust and listen to and will value his support, and even considerations in times when he needs to have heart to heart talks that may be difficult for both of them.

To say that my son was overjoyed not only by his information – but that of Will, was an understatement.

I of course asked about the guys and they are all where I thought they would be. Even poor Ted who I had a telepathic sex encounter with the other day. Will is always around me – very strong and very loving – Bill is like a big shinning star, Ted is in the depths of despair and Matt is learning.

I had a great dream visit with Bill last night. We, of course, were with a large group of people. He had a very large leather bound book – his memory book – that had journal entries, pictures, ticket stubs – anything that would anchor a memory. He let me flip through the book. There was one entry in particular that had to do with a birthday party. I can remember an “L” being on a slip of paper in that book. It was a long word that started with the L and it was the only word on that paper. I gave the book back to Bill – but then I wanted to see it again. he told me okay – but — and I chimed in – I know, I’ll keep your entries private. As he handed me the book – he asked why my Mini Cooper was parked in a different spot. Knowing that I’ve never told him I have a Mini, I thought to myself (HA – I knew you read my blog) – but didn’t say a word. Just took the book.

As I was thumbing through it – I realized it was about all of Bill’s lives and although the book was light – it was never ending. At the start was a 5 -pointed star. On each of the tips were names: Ted, Bill, Matt, Will and a name I couldn’t read — and then my name was in the center.
The place I was at was very dark, like a library – but felt more like a very large coffee house. It was comfy and there were floor pillows all over the place. Bill sat down next to me and asked me how I was doing. I replied – I though you’d never ask.

Then I woke up.

My son is home today from school – hence why I am behind in everything and I have not recorded my podcast yet. When he goes to his Tiger Cub meeting with his dad, I’m hoping to do it then:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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