My Old School, The Vice Principal And Dream Sex!

My Old School, The Vice Principal And Dream Sex!

Okay – now the dream sex I had last night I just don’t understand at all. Usually I either don’t know the person but can understand why I’m attracted to them – or know the person and can really know why I’m attracted to them. But last night — I’m not sure why these two came up.

To start with, I was in my old high school, but it wasn’t the actual old high school building. Walking towards me was the vice principal who looked pretty dang good when I was in school. He wasn’t cute or handsome – per say – but he was built with nice broad shoulders and a wonderful smile – when he actual did smile. But since he was the disciplinary in school, he rarely smiled unless he knew that you were about to get into a lot of trouble.

So me and E are chatting away about life after school. I’m sitting on the desk in his office and he left the room, came back in a tank top and shorts. Still looked dang good after 25 years (which would be the last time I saw him in the physical reality). He sat on the desk next to me and put his arms around me. I immediately snuggled into him and laid my head on his chest. My first thought was how safe I felt and then it shifted to — man, he is really feeling good. I wonder if the rest of him feels this nice? So that’s when my hands started to explore his chest, meaty thighs and rock hard cock. Wow – had I known this back in high school, looking at him would have taken on a whole new meaning:) But as I was exploring his lower half with awe and wonder, he was busy kissing the back of my neck. Now my neck is the #1 spot to kiss if you want me to be putty in your hands — and between his kisses and what I discovered with my hands – I was toast.

Now this is where it got even stranger (at least to me) — E had me up against the chalkboard grinding into me — we had our clothes on – both had shorts and shirts. Rubbing back and forth – I couldn’t believe he was going to do what Will did months ago and make me cum with my clothes still on — kissing, hands roaming, still grinding — then as things continued, they shifted slightly and I knew that E wasn’t there any longer — it was now ex hubby #1. Now ex hubby #1 and I were high school sweethearts – so the high school shift can make sense, but we went to two different schools.

The grinding was getting more and more intense, but for some reason we couldn’t or wouldn’t take off our clothes. We were working towards our climax when I hear someone cough — there’s someone in the room with us. He (which was E but now the ex #1) had a meeting with some parents. But neither of us was willing to stop just because they were there – I grabbed his butt and made him grind harder and faster. Climax came in a snap. We untangled ourselves from one another – I grabbed my purse and left the room without looking at the parents – or even saying a word to the ex.

As soon as I hit the office door to leave – I woke up. I must of laid there for about 30 min thinking – what the hell? What gets me is how vivid this dream sex was and how I could still feel both of them pressing up against me when I woke up. I can’t ever remember fantasizing about E at any point in time and I haven’t thought about sex with ex #1 in over 15 years. That said — it was good:) And for that I’m grateful for the memories!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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