My Nightmare Hasn't Ended :(

My Nightmare Hasn't Ended :(

This week has been so strange. Ever since I had my discovery of my new gift I’ve been sick. It’s not been just any sickness either. Think of flu/sinus infection/bronchitis/something funky going on with the colon + the dreaded monthly visitor. I know – TMI (too much information). But how else can I let you in on what’s been going on? The headaches are outrageous and I’m tired ALL the time. This is not me – not me at all. Normally, I’m not a napper – but this week you betcha. I’ve been going to bed between 7:30 – 8:30 pm. I haven’t been to bed this early since I was in grade school.

I keep asking “Why”? Not a “Why Me” – just a simple “Why”?

The major answer I keep getting is that I am going through a rebirthing process – one that, once it is over, my vibrational rate will have expanded and my gifts will have too. Poor Bill and Ted have the same thing going on (minus the monthly thing of course).

The minor answer is that I have taken on too much and my life is thrown out of balance (the guys have the same thing). What’s missing? My guess would be plain old fun. So what am I to do? What part do I phase out? I don’t know – at least not yet.

My dreams continue to be very funky. Last night, I started by going to my all white (not as in the people, but building, chairs, etc..) school. I don’t remember much except for a table with healing supplies on it that included a few crystals, a healing wand and herbs. I know that I was to lie down on the table. I do feel better today (at least I did in the morning)- but nothing to write home about. All I want to do is sleep.

Then I went off to a grassy meadow. I met an older American Indian woman and a girl. They had a couple of animals with them – a bear and I think a wolf – but I didn’t get a good look at the wolf. Could have been a coyote.

You know the show “Charmed”? Well I was “in” the show, but it was real life. It was modern day – but I was in a Speakeasy with the character Darrell (black cop on show), but my name was still Allie. He told me to pay the bill and gave me a small stack of square playing cards and some money. The very round and robust owner gave me a hard time – but he finally let me pay. As Darrell and I walked home – he was having a fit about the problems with a white woman with a black man. Then I kept trying to tell him that he belonged with “her” (this being his TV wife) and that I was to be with Bill – that no matter how we manipulate time, fate and destiny will win out. He couldn’t grasp it and I kept trying to explain. Seems we changed the present – but only he and I knew it was changed.

From 3 am on – I kept waking up every few minutes because I would stop breathing. I told myself to figure out why. Next thing I know is that I am in a mine that is collapsing. Every time a miner was crushed – I would wake up not being able to breathe. I ran to a woman to tell her that the mine was collapsing and men were dying. Things got thrown into action to save the men. I stopped waking up because of no breathing.

A lot of flashes of Bill and of us hanging out. I had a sense that we had overcome another hurdle – not sure what – but I felt a blockage disappear.

Now the previous night has something odd happen:

I fell asleep at 7:30 pm and I could tell that I was again with Bill and Ted but also being sent through separate higher powers for healing. At one time – I saw a clogged toilet (I’ve had plenty of dreams where the toilets were all dirty, plugged and simply nasty – but I had to go to the bathroom). Instead of using the toilet, this time I reached my hand in to unclog it. The water was clear – and all I could see was toilet paper. When I removed the toilet paper, more “stuff” started to come to the surface and the water changed from clear, to yellow to violet. I realized that the toilet was about to explode and as I was running to the bathroom door, it did explode and I could feel the pieces of “stuff” hitting me as I ran. In the next sequence – my friend was there. She was sitting there with a big smile on your face and she said ‘I knew you could remove the barrier on your own” and with that she was gone and I woke up.

So I wrote her about the dream and this was her response:

Speaking of strange………..I am really freaking out now because of your dream……..I woke up this morning and for some reason went into the guest bathroom to use the restroom?? No one uses this bathroom unless we have company and we don’t have any company right now. So, I looked more closely and it was just a bunch of toilet paper clogging the toilet. I got the plunger and it was resolved rather easily and quickly. I thought that I saw purple and gold water. Then I thought okay, you are getting carried away you Tiger fan. The team colors are purple and gold…lol. After reading your dream I called my husband to ask him if he had used the guest bathroom. He said no.I know – odd. What do I make of it? That I had a major-major-major blockage disappear and my friend saw the colored water (and she was in my dream) because she was my validation that what I thought happened really did. The Divine knew that if I saw her in my dream – that I would email her, and I did exactly that.

I’m wayyyyyyy behind in returning email. If you’ve written and I haven’t written back – nothing personal!

Okay – I’m off to bed. Any extra healing light you could send my way I would appreciate it. If I’m supposed to go through all this sickness – fine. I just wish it wouldn’t hurt so much, or make me so sleepy!

Until tomorrow (hopefully)…
Allie 😉

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