My Guides, Plan of Action and Bill!

My Guides, Plan of Action and Bill!

I had a good time at Holistic Harmony down in Lexington yesterday! I went and donated my time for 3 hrs to give people readings. It was fun – met some great people. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it again in September. They hold the readings & healings the 3rd Sunday of every month. They asked me to come back in August but I can’t that weekend (my mom’s birthday). So we’ll see!

Yesterday we had some really strong storms here. Wasn’t fun at all to drive through and I drove through them quite a bit. Everything was ripe for a tornado – even watched the clouds swirling around like they wanted to form into one — but they just couldn’t do it. My car and I were happy that they failed – not once, but three times.

One of the people I met yesterday has Iris as a guide 🙂 I wished her luck and told her to hang on!

So my guides and I (Joshua, Ethan and Edward anyways) had it out the other day (so to speak). I’m like okay guys — if readings are not my thing (obviously) and you want me doing something else — and it’s not working for anyone else (this has become apparent – unfortunately), then what in the world am I supposed to do?

This is their plan of action:

  1. Keen. You may not like being there all that much – but you being on there on a schedule will help open up other pathways to people purchasing readings directly from your site. It’s not a cure all – but it will help you squeak by. So far they appear to be right on this — I am squeaking by – but the real test is next week when the mortgage is due.
  2. Write – write – write — for the sake of all that’s holy – write. I ask – what is most important. They respond a duo of Atlantis/flash spell book. I will get the book done while working on Atlantis. But above everything else – Atlantis has to get done. This is an ongoing project they assure me I will be working on for the rest of my life. Also – this is what brings Ben and I to the table to meet. 
  3. Sex coaching – have to get this going. Get the web site up pronto.
  4. Virtual sex toy parties – need asap. They are really in my face about this one. Twice a month will work to start. But they say if I wanted to do it once a week by Feb 2012 it will work just fine. 
  5. Put together the love & relationship fair. it doesn’t matter how small it is the 1st year, it’s something that has to be done. 
  6. Learn HTML – for the above items. 
That’s what they said needs done NOW. When the above is in swing – they’ll move things around a bit. I told them that I’d really like to do the OBE book – after the flash spells they said. 
Back to Ben a moment. He is really chomping at the bit to get involved in Atlantis. I have no idea what he is to do with it — but whatever it is he is a central part. As well as Todd. Again – no clue – but they both play a roll. The last couple of nights both men have been showing up in my dreams. Nothing really happens in the dreams except for some small talk  – it’s nice to see you – and we go on our way. It’s odd. 
Now Bill on the other hand, is asking a million questions (or so it seems) as we dream. I keep taking him to our past lives and showing him things. Last night I took him back to our 1920’s lifetime. He was amazed. He kept asking how did I know it was him and Ted in this life. We don’t look the same then as we do now. I tried to explain – again – about the energy signatures and the eyes – how they never change from life to life even when we change our physical appearance and gender. It seemed to be sinking in when we parted ways. 
My son and his broken arm are moving along nicely. Hard to believe he’l be 11 in 11 days. 
Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂
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