My Dream Question Answered + A Visit With Ted!

My Dream Question Answered + A Visit With Ted!

My friend emailed last night after I went to bed. You remember the friend, the one I focused in on during yesterday’s session. Before I fell asleep last night I posed the question again about what am I being told that I’m not getting. This is what I remember:

A very vivid dream visit with Ted. I was at a strange house with my family. My son was there as well as my mother, my two sisters, my brother in law and niece, my Uncle E and his whole side of the family. This strange, modern type house was E’s – he had just moved in and this was sort of a house warming party.

I look over and there is Ted. I can feel that it is the consensus that I brought him to this gathering – so I assume that I did. I’m nervous, he’s shy. We are sitting on a couch and I’m asking him when does he sleep? He replies that he has to go home. I tell him that I wish he wouldn’t leave, but I understand. His girls need him – he says – and he needs them. But do you get to sleep – I ask again? He then proceeds to tell me in a very soft voice what his schedule is like when he goes home. He is to be on a plane tonight for London. When he arrives, he will have 15 min to rest, then he has to get ready for a Charity function. He and I are sipping Champagne. He has on a brown leather coat, a blue sweat shirt and blue jeans.

After that he launches more into a British drawl that has me frankly – lost on what he will do for the rest of the day. But I can tell it’s a lot and I nod my head like I understand. I ask him about when will he get his next job? He shrugs and says that he doesn’t know. The market isn’t opening up for him. He’s getting older and the jobs just aren’t there. I tell him that I’ll miss him while he’s gone. He caresses my cheek and promises me that he will call when he can.

He asks me about “The Black Triangle” I tell him that I’m going to write the book right after the gypsy magic books are done. He smiles and reminds me that every year he gets older. He gets up and asks someone where the loo is. They are lost so he says then – the bathroom. He goes off and I set my way to go into the very modern kitchen. It’s nice – real nice. I’m in Uncle’s two door stainless steel refrigerator looking for two beers. I take two cans what I think is a Guinness’s, but the language on it reminds me of Japanese. I ask him if these taste like Guinness? The Unk (my nickname for my Uncle) says – yes. He grabs a few beer bottles and says if we like a strong lag, that we should try these. I said we’d take these two for now.

As I walk away I can hear him grab my mom and say – she’s with Ted. My mom nods yes – and then adds how pleased she is Unk says, he acts just like a regular ole person. I shout back – that’s because he is.

I find Ted outside, he has shed his jacket. He is sitting on the ground, smoking a cig and blowing the smoke onto a very large squirrel who he is holding on its back, between his legs. The ashes are making the squirrel all white and the poor ting is hacking up smoke. Before I could say anything he let’s it go. This woman runs up to him and starts yelling at him for that. The squirrel is limping about, hacking and coughing – trying to shake off the white ash of its fur.

He sits down next to me and I ask why did he do that? He’s not a mean person. He says that he knows, but every once and again the rough and tumble kid in him and he does something stupid and rash. I hand him the beer and explain that I was looking for Guinness, as they are my favorite, but found these and E says they taste similar. Ted comments – Guinness is your favorite? I open my beer and take a drink – it’s good. I nod and says yes. He smiles and says – good.

We are walking through a small town and he takes me down the side of a bridge. We still have the beers in our hands. Under here is the entrance to a cave he found. I tell him that we shouldn’t go in, I heard that these were dangerous places as they are connected to old coal mines. He stares at me — so loving like and says — I’d die before I let something happen to you. We are squiggling into the opening of the cave on our bellies. We get inside and stand up – it’s HUGE and beautiful.

I wake up feeling comforted and reassured.

Now this is the 2nd dream visit that I can remember that Ted was with me and my family. The last time was Thanksgiving dinner.

The dreams I had for the rest of the evening centered around my creativity. That I had to get things done. I still don’t know if this is what Ted was talking about me having to know. But this is the 2nd time I asked what am I being told and missing – and the second time I dreamt about my writing. In particular – “The Black Triangle”. I’m trying to figure out how to get the gypsy magic books done and then the BT book. So – I will have to assume that this is what I must do. After all, remember how much Robert used to be on me about finishing the books??

Better get to work!

Crystal Sunshine!

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