Since I’ve been on these meds, it’s been hard to connect to my guides and the guys as I have over the last several years. Now doing readings – I have no problem at all. But when it’s for me, there has been that block there that I’ve had to fight through. Since papers are signed, the x is out and he was the reason I was on them – I am on a plan to wean myself off of the meds. I can tell a difference already and it’s only been since Monday that I’ve been cutting back. Many more spontaneous connections and visions. Plus, it’s easier for me to be creative and work. It’s difficult to write when you keep searching for that light switch to turn on your muse. So all is getting much – MUCH better in Allie world.

The online dating — interesting. It’s like – BOOM – they are coming out of the woodwork. Flattered – certainly. Taking it seriously – not really. I suppose that once I go out on an actual date I’ll be more serious about it.

For those of you who want to join me for my sex chat on the L word on Monday nights – here’s the info that I have at the bottom of my L Word blog:

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And speaking of sex — by OBE experiences are back with a BANG:) The OBE blog will be written in more often –in fact I already have been there today! The experiences here are really flooding back – major.

Ted and Will — both are so right there in my thoughts – in my energy field right now. I honestly think that I can tell if either one takes a piss. Really – it’s a strange, yet invigorating feeling (not the piss – LOL – but the connection). Last night, Bill’s energy was so intertwined with mine that I could taste him. Now get your minds out of the gutter – it’s hard to describe, but I could taste his energy. I have ants in my pants — very ancy to sit down and actually talk with these guys. I can feel the heightened energy as my nerves reposition themselves outside my skin. One phone call – that’s all I need to hop on a plane to go chat. I have so much information and experiences that I want to share with them. So much I want to hear about. It’s getting close — so close now.

Poor Bill. He knows what he knows and he has seen some visions that knock his socks off. But he is so befuddled on what to do with me – with the knowledge. With my energy heightened, so are the guys. Bill and Ted will know what it is – Will and Matt will be on the confused side. But this is nothing that Will and Matt cannot figure out. In fact, Will is working now with someone to figure it all out. Matt’s a good ole republican Texan, so he’ll probability be confused a bit longer — but the guy has the drive to figure this all out. He’s just asking the wrong people – a priest won’t be able to give him the answer — he needs someone like me to figure it all out.

I’m waiting very patiently for my notice from the Nicholl Fellowship. I entered The Black Triangle in it – and they should be announcing the Quarter-Finalists soon. Fingers crossed.

My son and I are going to Columbus all day on Friday. Taking the Mini Cooper S in for it’s maintenance. Lucky for me that the maintenance is built into the price of the car – provided you take it to a Mini dealer (which is the same as a BMW dealer) and there is only 3 in Ohio that deal with Mini’s:) So Columbus it is:)

Wow – I feel like a flirty little tramp today. I’m sure it will pass – well, maybe it will:) But because of my energy – I feel like a magnet on overdrive. Not sure if that’s good or bad. But damn – I need to draw those 4 in…

….so – being the good girl I am, I have been listening to Ethan and being a magnet for the 4 guys (yes, I know that’s why I feel like a magnet overall). Every day I have been opening the gateway and drawing them in. This is how my session goes:

I sit with my healing wand. Eyes closed, I see a white light ahead of me. Taking that white light, I have it spread out vertically like a board – then I move it close to my skin. Taking this board of light, I move it around my body slowly, moving further out from my body with each full turn – increasing speed as the white light extends out of my body until it is everywhere — and it’s almost as if it explodes, and there’s nothing there but a huge open triangle, with a circle around it — and coming from the midst of the triangle is a very brilliant white light.

Through this white light I can see the guys – only one at a time. If I look at me – I am one big white light – by body is encased in white light. I see Bill and I call out to him. His astral body separates and comes to me with a grin on his face. He usually (like today) leans in and gives me a kiss. When that happens I wrap my arms around him and draw him to me to become one. Next comes Ted. I call to him and he smiles wide and always gives me a very deep kiss. I bring him too into me. Next is Will – I never have to summon him, he is already there – through the gate. I always hear him say – you’ll never have to call me, I know when you’re around. He kisses me tenderly and I bring him into me. Then there’s Matt. I call to him and he arrives in a jiff. He too smiles and tells me he doesn’t know what’s happening — but it sure does interest him. He does a running jump and just walks into me 1/2 the time.

I call out their names one by one — raising the energy with each name. At the end it is as if the white light explodes and we’re done – all back where we are supposed to be. I find that I cannot do this at night as I’m so energized from it. So I’m doing it mid-day when I get sleepy. Wakes me right up.

And I’m done for now:) Back to work — and then the kid and I have T-Ball!

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie 😉

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