Motivational Minute: Tweak Your Life View

Motivational Minute: Tweak Your Life View

Do you need to tweak your life view?

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Is your life view helping you or hurting you? If it’s helping you, you are generally a happy person. Even when poo hits the fan, you are back up and running sooner rather than later.

If it’s hurting you, once there’s poo in the pan, you are down for the count – taking longer to bounce back.
Now we all have depressive, anxiety-filled moments. We’re humans, we’re going to have them. The bounce-back rate is what I’m talking about. Baring a medical reason, how fast you jump back is based on your life view.

Last week we jumped into if you’re pessimistic or optimistic, whatever you identify with the most – it fuels your life view.
I bet you’re asking – how I even tweak my life view in wave of hate that seems to be sweeping the world?

It’s a conscious choice. You just do it as it’s what you must do. Or, your life view will never change.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

This revolves around you being aware of your not-so-great world view. Put a list on your smartphone of small goals that once accomplished, will help you to not look at life with a poor life view. These goals shouldn’t be connected to what you do on a daily basis such as make dinner or take the dog for a walk. These are short doable goals like concentrate on your breathing for a minute or reading a page or two of a book. These are quick pick-me-ups when you need them. The goal of this exercise is to retrain your life view for when something crappy happens you can turn it around and feel better. After 30 days of doing this, it should be automatic to change things around.

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