Motivational Minute: Take the Risk

Motivational Minute: Take the Risk

When was the last time you took a risk?

I have a story for you that was told to me by a friend. It’s about a ma who took a risk.

So, I am at a coffee shop, and as usual listening to the conversations around me… Sitting in the corner is a cute older woman and handsome gentleman. Both are nervously chitchatting about old times and the paths that their lives have taken them -kids, long loving marriages, jobs…

Then the lady says to the man, “I am so glad you reached out to me. I can’t believe it has been 40 years. Just wondering, what made you think of me?”

And the gentleman responds, “I have lived a life that I treasure. However, you have been in my heart and the back of my mind through it all.

Life is moving so fast, and I just could not go any longer without telling you this.”

I do believe that gentleman, at that moment, is one of the most courageous people around.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for today…

Be courageous today to that person who lingers in the back of your mind. Take a risk. Open up and tell them as you feel as humans can’t survive as a community of islands.

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