Motivational Minute: Success

Motivational Minute: Success


What is your version of success?

Success looks different for everyone; One day Rick decided he had enough BS at his job. He needed something else in his life – a change, a shift.

He applied for other jobs for another six months. Frustrated, a friend gave him a great idea – start his own business!

Rick did the research, put expenses on his credit cards and started his own business. Two years later he was making the same money that his job payed him. He quit his job & worked only for himself. He viewed this as a success.

Laura spent years in a dead-end marriage. One day she reached her breaking point, took out a loan, and filed for divorce. In the span of a year she went from a big house & financial security to a small apartment & small wages. She considered her new life a success.

Charlie was knee-deep in work with a college course he didn’t particular enjoy but needed to graduate. He wound up with a C in the class. He viewed this as a success.

The definition of success has different meaning for everyone.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for today…

Find out your current version of success. Then strive to attain. You can’t possibly go after a goal if you do not know what it is.

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