Motivational Minute: Prioritize your Schedule

Motivational Minute: Prioritize your Schedule

How do you prioritize things on your to-do list?

Is there an order to them? Or do you pick and choose?

One way you get more done than the other.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

Sometimes, it’s just impossible to accomplish everything on your list in a given day. There will be those days where everything wrong will happen, eating up your time. When you plan out your day, make sure to plan to complete your most important tasks first. I like to look at my list and put a 1 next to items that I have to get done that day, with 2 being second important and so on.

Remember as you prioritize & schedule, give yourself enough time to accomplish them. If you have time to work on other things after you’ve finished, that’s great.

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