Motivational Minute: Pep Up Your BFF

Motivational Minute: Pep Up Your BFF

pep up

How many times do you pep up your BFF?

How often do you pep your friends up when they are down on themselves?
Your friend will say – I’m stupid. You counter it with – no you’re not you’re brilliant.
The internal you tell yourself that you’re an idiot. You back it up with the last time you made a mistake.
Your friend will say – I’m so ugly no one will ever want me. You counter it with – you’re beautiful with a heart of gold, the right one will come along.
In your head you say – I’m so fat and ugly. You back it up with the last empty calories you ate and a trip to the scale to prove your point.
Notice the difference between what you say to your friend versus what you say to yourself?
So, for your 60 second motivational minute for today…
Learn how to be your own best friend. When your inner voice degrades yourself, back it up with what your best friend would say – something positive.

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