Do you look for the good or the bad in people?

The news bombs us with bad juju all the time. Death here. Disease there. Bad leadership everywhere. We hear so much bad that it’s natural to take that bad and apply it to the people in our lives – the new people and the ones who have been around a while.

Think about it, when you’re interacting with someone, do you zone in on the bad or in on the good in regard to that person? Are they talking too loudly? Or are they taking time out of their schedule to talk with you? The first is focusing in on the bad and the second is focusing in on the good in that person.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

What you give out, you will receive back 10-fold. If you give out love and care to others, you will get affection and support back. If you give out anger and hatred, you will receive the same in return. When you treat others well by looking at the good in them, you feel good in return.

And guess what happens when you feel good? It motivates you to get a move on with your goals.

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