Motivational Minute: Let’s Make a Deal to End Procrastination

Motivational Minute: Let’s Make a Deal to End Procrastination

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Procrastinate at your own risk!

How often do you procrastinate because you REALLY don’t want to do something even if you know it needs done?

I do it daily.

It’s a bad habit I am working on changing.

One way I’m working on this issue is when I have to work on something that I’m not thrilled about – I make myself a deal.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

If you want to overcome procrastination and start getting things done, you need to make a deal with yourself. This deal can be either big or small. For example, you can tell yourself, “When I’m done with these reports, I can take a walk in the park and enjoy some ice cream.” Or “When I’m done with the first draft of this book, I’m going to buy a new iPhone.” Giving yourself something fun to do once you complete your task can keep you motivated to get things done.

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