Motivational Minute: How Often Do Bitch?

Motivational Minute: How Often Do Bitch?


How often do you bitch?

Do you find that during the day, you grumble to yourself about your life? Maybe you bitch about it to others?

I know I have days where nothing goes right – I wake up and step in cat throw-up, my car isn’t running right, maybe my bank account is overdrawn.

I complain to myself. I bitch about it – usually on Facebook.

What a horrible life I have!

When I complain about it – do you think it helps my situation? Does it help you when you complain?

Now it does help to get things off your chest. We all need to vent. And when things are just fucked – you have to acknowledge the poo poo-ness and move forward.

What doesn’t help your life is when you get into the cycle of complaining.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for today…

Break the cycle of complaining. Be consciously aware of your words & when you catch yourself complaining repeatedly about the same thing – remember that whatever has happened to you that you’ve lived through it. The fact that you’re still standing is a good thing. Be happy about that.

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