Motivational Minute: Heaviness or Happiness?

Motivational Minute: Heaviness or Happiness?


When was the last time you went shopping and carried all the bags into your house in one trip?

For me, it was Saturday.

When I finally got into my house with all those bags I ached in places I didn’t know I had. I thought about that – the pain I was in – and realized it happens every time I take all the bags in one trip.

But I’m happier than cougar on a white sand beach sipping umbrella drinks given to me by a scantily clad Brazilian God when I drop those bags off in my kitchen.

I tend to remember how happy I am to drop off the heaviness of the bags than the actual carrying of the heaviness itself.

The opposite happens when we drop a burden that’s been weighing us down. We forget the happiness we have when we drop it and instead focus on the heaviness the burdened once created.

That sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it?

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

Think about all the burdens you carry. Which one would make you the happiest if you no longer had to carry it? The first one that pops up is the one you want to drop the most. Once you have it, start making a plan to first ease it and then second to drop it. Concentrate on the happiness you will feel once the burden is dropped. The happiness is your motivation to get it done.

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