Motivational Minute: Have the Bigger Picture in Mind

Motivational Minute: Have the Bigger Picture in Mind

When was the last time you checked-in with your end game?

Yesterday? Last week? Six months ago?

Do you even remember your end game?

You must have a clear end game – no matter how broad or specific it may be. If your end game is fuzzy – that’s a problem.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

If you have difficulty starting tasks or you lose your motivation, stop what you’re doing and recall your end game and imagine the bigger picture.

Allow yourself to imagine your end game (with the feelings associated with it), why you’re pursuing the particular goal and reiterate to yourself the importance of having self-discipline for achieving that end game.

The most important person in the end game is you & your motivation, not others, is all that matters in getting there.

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