Motivational Minute: Face Your Fears

Motivational Minute: Face Your Fears

Facing your fears keeps your fears at bay.

Most of the time when we do not do something, we are not being lazy, we are avoiding a fear.

What are your fears? Do you even know? Fears go beyond being sacred of heights or speaking in front of people. Success, by the way, is a fear and a common one. Do you realize that by avoiding them you are sabotaging your motivation?

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

Give yourself a few minutes and write down your fears. Then I want you to give yourself a few more minutes and think about how you can confront those fears head on. When you expose yourself repeatedly to your fears, it can begin to lower their intensity. Plus, it can help to take the sting out and make them more manageable for you. Thank you for joining me for the motivational minute. If you like this podcast, please rate it & review us + share us with your social circles.

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