Motivational Minute: Collect References that Reinforce Your Positive Belief

Motivational Minute: Collect References that Reinforce Your Positive Belief

What do you have around you that reinforces your positive beliefs?

Do you have anything? Or do you tend to seek out things that point out the bad in the world, or use scare tactics to get you in line?

Let me tell you, focusing in on the negative in the world will not help you with forward momentum. In fact, it does the exact opposite, and keeps you stuck in your head unable to reach your goals.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

Deliberately collect references to reinforce your positive beliefs as this simple act will help to dissolve your limiting beliefs. With your limiting beliefs going by the wayside – you can make progress on your goals.

Think about two or three positive beliefs that will benefit you the most – such as “I can do anything I put my mind to,” or “baby steps are better than no steps at all,” and start to collect real-life evidence to support these selected beliefs.

I like to collect affirmations, books, and movies that back my positive beliefs – as well as visit positive-reinforcing websites.

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