Motivational Minute: Be Open to Change

Motivational Minute: Be Open to Change

There are two things in life that we have no control over: death and change.

If we have no control over change, why do we as in the collective human WE, fight change with such passion?

I’m a Taurus – I hate change so much that change usually has to push me off a cliff and into a raging river. It’s silly that I fight it. It’s silly that you fight it.

Because no matter what we do – no matter what type of brakes we try to apply – change will win – it always does.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

Change can be difficult for everyone. However, the more open to change that you are, the easier the transition will be when you are ready to make changes in your life.

Because let’s think about it – if you didn’t want to change you wouldn’t need motivation to meet your goals. Therefore, you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast.

So, there will come a point in your life where things will need to change in order for you to successfully complete your goals. Don’t fight it, embrace it and continue moving forward.

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