Motivational Minute: Be Like Will Smith

Motivational Minute: Be Like Will Smith

You never know when an opportunity will arrive.

You never know when an opportunity will show up.

Many moons ago when Will Smith was just starting to get known, yet broke, he ended up at a party hosted by Quincy Jones.

At this party, Quincy handed Will a teleplay for a piss poor, never seen show, which was supposed to star another rapper.

Quincy wanted Will to try out for it now as all the bigwigs who could negotiate & give the show a green light were there. Quincy knew Will was right for the part.

Will said to give him a couple of days and then he’ll read for the part. Quincy said sure – we can make the appointment, but someone will probably need to reschedule.

Will thought about it and suggested another time. Quincy turned him down – it was a now or never.

Will took a deep breath and said let’s do this.

And that’s how Will Smith became the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Now I paraphrased the story – you can find the video in our Motivational Minute group or check out Will’s YouTube channel.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for today…

Be like Will – say yes before you’re ready – because you never know where that yes might lead.

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