Motivational Minute: Allow Time for Self-Care

Motivational Minute: Allow Time for Self-Care

Taking care of you is not a sign of being lazy. Everyone needs some downtime.

How busy do you make yourself during the day so that you can get your to-do list done?

Are you so busy that you eat lunch at your desk? Or in your car?

Maybe you don’t even think about lunch because there’s too much to do?

I know I’ve had days when I’ve looked at the clock and realize that I’ve forgotten to eat.

While you might think that keeping this busy every day is a good thing…it’s actually a sure-fire way to burn-out.

So, for your 60 second motivational minute for the week…

If you’re busy, self-care might sound like a foreign concept. Too often, people will push aside their personal needs to accomplish what it is they set out to do.

To keep your motivation and reach your goals, you need to make a point of taking time during your day to care for YOU. Depending on your circumstances, this can mean treating yourself to lunch, having a coffee date with a friend, or finding some time to read a few chapters of your book. Make it a point to have some YOU time so that you don’t burn out.

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