More Todd and Other Stuff!

More Todd and Other Stuff!

See – I told you I’d be back. I’m tired – I’m not gonna lie – but here I am. It’s hot here — too stinking hot again. I’m not a person who can live in hotness for long without a body of water. Eventually I’ll move to a lake, the ocean or hell, just get a pool.

So Todd. What about Todd? He and I have a had our share of being immature snots. I’m hoping in this life that since we are the same age that we’ve both gotten our stupidity out of our system. I think I’ve done just that — but I will find out for sure this weekend at my 25th HS reunion. My class was the party class – this was something all of us could do correctly:) When we’re all together we fall back into that pattern with ease. But I’ve told myself that each night I’m limited to only 4 Guinness and then I switch to some sort of soft drink. If each gathering starts at 6:00 I should be done with my drinks by 7:30 tops. LOL. Gives me plenty of time to watch everyone else be an idiot. I think that may be fun.

Ok, so back to Todd. My point is he too likes to partake in the almighty Guinness. At this point in his life I’m not sure how much though. His drinking could help him open the door to the astral world – and could heighten his psychic abilities. I know it works that way with me. The more I drink, the more I know. While booze dull all my other senses, it lets the sixth sense break free. I’ve pissed off many a person with this – many gatherings I have not been asked back to because I’ve disturbed some of the guests with my intuitive knowing. Some people just don’t want to know…..ya know?

I mentioned last night on Allie Theiss Fans FB page about a creepy smog surrounding me and actually filling up my house. Freaked me out. I ran through the house like a mad woman. The dogs were just beside themselves. As I was running around my connection to Todd broke and so did the smog. Later on in the evening when it showed up – I closed my eyes and it went away.

Todd has a problem with Ted. I have no clue why. Eventually I’m sure I’ll know since both guys seem to be in my dreams a lot. BTW..Ted is finally divorcing devil woman. Thank goodness! Now he has to get on the mend — rehab if needed. 

I still have more to write about – but this heat and my homework has given me a horrible headache. So I must head to bed. I’ll write more on Wednesday. Tuesday is my hell day where I’m gone 12 hrs.

But before I go — the shift that has to occur before 12-21-12 is in full swing. If you feel different – have wild dreams – notice that you have gifts expanding or ones pop up that have been dormant – take heart in knowing you are not alone. Thousands of others are shifting – evolving – growing to be ready for our time.

On that note — I’m heading to bed. Nite all!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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