Moonstone Weight Loss

Moonstone Weight Loss

Need to drop some pounds in the new year? Let moonstone help reprogram your eating habits!

Three nights after the FULL MOON, stand naked in front of a mirror. It’s time to take a good – hard look at yourself. See you for YOU – for all of your splendor and faults.

Take a good hard look at the areas of your body you want to change. Imagine a new you – a slimmer, in control, you.

Hold the MOONSTONE in your PROJECTIVE HAND (hand you write with) as you hold the image of the NEW YOU (with a slimmer body and better eating habits) in your imagination.

Rub the MOONSTONE over the problem areas of your body – over the excess weight – and imagine that fat melting away. Draw the MOONSTONE across your FOREHEAD so that it can help you control your urges.

Wear or carry the MOONSTONE with you at all times. When you feel the need to eat that chocolate cake, hold the MOONSTONE in your RECEPTIVE HAND (the one you do not write with) – breathe deep for 10 seconds as you push the image of the cake out of your mind. Then grab a juicy apple or munch on some celery.

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