Moonshine, A Cave And Dream Sex!

Moonshine, A Cave And Dream Sex!

Over the weekend I had some interesting dream visits with Will. I can still remember the texture of the hair on his arms. Isn’t that a strange thing to remember? His mouth tasted real sweet too – like he just enjoyed a serving of peach cobbler before my arrival. We went down into a cave, I’m not sure where we were at exactly, but as we were descending, we discussed how my great grandparents and his grandparents were rum runners. My great grandmother actually was one — and a damn good one at that (from the stories told). I was telling Will how to make my grandfather’s blueberry brandy. He said that he’ll have to give it a go. We ended in a back room where there were old barrels – Will tells me that these were forgotten from the 20’s and 30’s and every once in a while he comes down here and enjoys some fine aged booze. He takes out two paper cups and pours some out of a barrel. It smells like cleaning fluid – fruity cleaning fluid. I ask if he thinks I’m going to drink this. He smiles and says – of course — very quickly I suspect. We down this fire fluid and it burned — even after I awoke I remember that burn in my throat. As I’m trying not to gag from the taste – he comments that the booze is strong, but there is something that he can do in order to take my mind off of the taste. I wanted to catch my breath and ask him what — but before I could say anything his tongue was exploring my mouth. I can distinctly remember the energy zap through my body and my knees wanting to buckle. But I held my ground — and wanted more.

The air was so cool down in this cave, and his hands were so hot. It was such a contrast on our bodies as our hands explored one another. Ripping off each other’s clothes, not giving a damn who might come down into this cave. Every time we touched one another we gasped for air. Things were getting really intense as his mouth devoured my body – starting with my neck and ever so slowly to my nipples — taking it all the way down to the mother load. I held onto the rocks for dear life and his tongue darted in and out – his hands gripping my upper thighs. I kept begging him to stop that and bring his mouth back up to my mouth — but he wouldn’t listen. In fact, he increased the intensity. But just as things fevered to that all-consuming pitch……the alarm went off. I could hear him scream – damn it – as I was whisked away back into reality. After considering sending the alarm out the window – I laid there for awhile. Trying to remember everything that I could. It was all so vivid. I could still taste not only the booze in my mouth, but the sweet taste of him. Wow – it was intense. And needles to say – I had to take care of some business before I started my day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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