Money Ribbon

Money Ribbon

This isn’t a quick fix to money problems, but it definitely anchors oneself and allows money to flow to you as needed.


One Green Ribbon, Patchouli Oil


  1. Imagination how much money you need. Be specific. If you need an extra $300/month to make ends meet, then imagination getting $300/month and experience the emotions you will feel knowing that the bills are paid.
  2. Verbalize your need in a loud clear voice – remembering to be specific.
  3. Make 9 knots in the Green Ribbon and with each knot, vocalize your need.
  4. Place one drop of Patchouli Oil on each knot as you vocalize your need.
  5. Place the knotted ribbon in a sachet, underwear drawer, magic box with other money drawing charms, under your entrance mat or bury it in the earth and leave it undisturbed.

FYI: The key to making any money spell work is that you actually have to have a need and you’re not being greedy. Money spells are for NEEDS not WANTS.

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