Are you like everyone else and could use some extra money? Try this money charm to attract the much needed funds!

Supplies: 1 Mother-Of-Pearl, 2 green candles, 1 silver coin (or piece of silver), a dollar bill or green paper, green string and patchouly – cedar – or basil essential oil.


– Hold the Mother-Of -Pearl in your projective hand (hand you write with) and empower it with your need for money.

– Anoint the stone with 3 drops of patchouly – cedar – or basil essential oil.

-Place the silver coin & the stone on top of the dollar bill.

– Wrap the dollar bill tightly around the stone and silver coin and secure with the green string.

– Place the charm in the middle of two lit green candles. Let it stay there in the middle of the candles until the candles are burnt out.

– Bury the wax and carry the money charm with you.

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