Care to ramp up your sexual volume? Give this diddy of an oil a try!

Moldavite Madness

1/8 cup Almond Oil
9 drops Mugwort
6 drops Ylang Ylang
6 drops Patchouli
3 drops Jasmine
1 Moldavite chip (very small stone – trust me – larger is just too much energy)

Mix all together by swirling the liquid after each add. If you don’t use it all – store in a dark bottle (with a cap) away from sunlight and heat.

Places to apply:

Astral & Dream Sex: Middle of your feet and your palms, third eye, top of your skull

Telepathic Sex: Middle of your feet and your palms, third eye, above the top of each of your ear lobes…right on your skull

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  1. I have been wearing a moldavite pendant for the last couple of days. Very strong sexual dreams, good and bad. That meteorite has some intense sexual energy, but energizes the heart chakra… trippy!!!


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