MM: Understanding the Source of Motivation

MM: Understanding the Source of Motivation

Do you understand your source for motivation?

Motivation can come from within or it can be influenced by external desires. With intrinsic motivation you want to achieve something because it will give you personal pleasure. An example here could be doing something for your partner because you get a very warm feeling inside from doing this.

When you use intrinsic motivation you are never seeking recognition from the outside. It is all about the internal pleasure from within. Extrinsic motivation is the complete opposite of this. You are looking for external rewards such as money, recognition, status, and respect from others etc.

There are actually three sources of motivation. These are needs, instincts and arousal. Let’s take a look at each one of these in turn.

Needs Motivation

There are a number of theories about needs motivation. The most obvious examples of this are drinking water, eating food and sleeping.

Instincts Motivation

Humans have behavior patterns that are pre-wired and they will become activated when specific external stimuli are applied.

Arousal Motivation

A person with high arousal levels is more likely to do something risky like skydiving than someone who has low arousal levels.

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