Merlin, Will And Our Soul's Core!

Merlin, Will And Our Soul's Core!

Although the sun is shinning I feel like royal crap today – sick, sick, sick I am! It is so cold out that they canceled school. The outdoor cat is indoors in my office and I have 4 cats wanting to get in. A fun Monday morning!

I want to jump into a quick session before my son comes up to say hi!

I’m taken rather quickly into Merlin’s secret abyss under the falls. He comes to me and give me a hearty hello – he is always happy to see me. Asked if I was ready to get to work, and I think I hesitated too long for he asked – what’s wrong? I tell him that I can feel another energy around here and am I being watched by someone. He tells me that I’m astute and waves someone in from behind me. I turn to look and it’s Will. He is wearing a cloak with the hood up, he takes the hood off and comes towards me.

I look at Merlin and ask why is he here? He says that Will is my other magical half. That separate we’re more powerful than anyone, but together we’re unstoppable. I look at Will and ask if he knew this. He says yes. I ask if this is why he wanted me to do the PLR the other day – he says yes. I ask them both why do we need to be unstoppable – what good is that great of a power. A power, I might add, that I’m not too crazy with having. I look at Will and ask if he’s using our connection solely to have this power. My tone suggests that I’m not a very happy person at this point in time.

Will tells me to calm down and Merlin tells me to sit down. I can hear Will mumble about that fire in my belly — or something along those lines.

Merlin drones on and on…this is what I remember him saying — that in 2012 there will be a huge shift in the world and one where Will and I have to be ready. At this same time will come a discovery of Atlantis – from Bill, Ted and I. I ask about using my magical strength to help with Atlantis and with whatever Will and I are supposed to do. Correct I am told. Why can’t Bill and Ted find Atlantis on their own? Will chimes in – they need the power of 3 to unlock it. You three put it in its place all those years ago and you three must unlock it. But what about you Will – what do you have to do with Atlantis? Merlin and Will just look at each other and stay silent. Merlin speaks up – there is a time and a place for you to know things and now is not it. Stop wasting time and let us get on to the lesson at hand.

No, no , no I cry — not until I understand all this. So us 4 are the soul’s core – correct. Merlin nods. I’m magical and a healer – Will is all magical – Bill is a healer and Ted is a healer and a warrior – correct? But isn’t there someone who should be all warrior then? Merlin says yes, but you a touch off. Ted is a warrior who has picked up healing from you and Bill – but at his core he is a spiritual warrior. You my dear are also a warrior. This is why you are so fused with all three souls – you are magical, healing and a warrior. You are them and they are you.

I place my head in my hands – this is too much information. Will puts his arm around me – you wanted to know. I’m thinking – ya smart ass I know.

Merlin says – this is why you are so powerful — it is because you hold the kernels for all three – you are no less powerful than the three of them and you can mix your strengths for outcomes they cannot do.

Will looks over at the long wooden table and holds his hand out. A candle stick flies from the table into his hands. See – Will says – you can do this too.

I’m done for now. I don’t feel good anyways and you two have giving me even a bigger headache.

And I left and I’m done.

Okay – so what do I think of the information given? I’m not sure. But if it’s true, then how did I get nominated for this job? SIGH. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Have a good day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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