Merlin and Two Past Life Recalls!

Merlin and Two Past Life Recalls!

I enter today into an empty space. Void of everything, a simply blackness, but not menacing. I see a dot of light and I move to it. The dot gets bigger and I am not into the light and there is a person with their back to me sitting on a white rock. I walk past him, turn and it is Merlin. I ask him, what are you doing here? he tells me I’m thinking too much. Huh? He says that I am trying to direct the session instead of letting it flow. He hands me a small round, gold container. It’s heavy – as if it is real gold – he says it is:) I open it and there is a gold and white grainy substance. He tells me to wet my finger and them scoop up some of this – place it in my mouth. I of course have to smell it first – no smell. So I scoop it up and place it in my mouth.

It tingles a bit – something like pop rocks but not as much oomph. It dissolves in my mouth – no taste. I do feel some energy sensations passing through my body. I looked at Merlin and asked him what was it. He smiles and says I should of asked before I took it. What’s that supposed to mean I say? He comes back with – I’m too trusting, things are not as they always appear. This combination is one that will help my mind relax and let things flow – open up my 3rd eye the rest of the way so that I can really see what is right in front of me. He trusts that once I see that – I will be pushing myself to limits that I didn’t think were possible before to move foreword. He vanishes right before my eyes.

My head doesn’t hurt as much , so that is a blessing. I’m standing there looking at nothing when I see a reddish glow off to my right. So I go to investigate.

I exited and am at a picnic. It looks to be in the early to mid 1800’s. There is a town or county – Middlesex or Middlesussex on a banner. I can see me relaxing on a blanket. I have a baby in my arms. The sun is there – but behind clouds, still a pleasant day. Ted comes over with some drinks in his hands. He sits down, takes the baby. He looks at the child and says – how is my big boy doing today? I tell him Kyle is doing fine. Ted stares at the baby and says – Kyle Patrick Kettering is a good solid name. Ted leans over and kisses me – and asks how mamma is doing. I assure him that I am having a lovely time.

Ted is getting ready to go someplace. His name is Sam, and I am calling him Samuel. Begging him not to go somewhere. He has to pack in a quickness to go to something for work. He doesn’t want to leave Kyle or myself but he must. He finishes packing and us 3 climb onto the bed. He holds us both for many minutes. A soft knock on our bedroom door and a I hear a woman’s voice tell Samuel that his coach is here. He tells Kyle and I that he loves us both and that he will hurry back.

Kyle and I watch him from the window – but it’s odd as I keep seeing him leaving from like a townhouse – in a cobblestone street and then it flashes to the country and I see him leaving from a circular driveway. It won’t stop on a place.

I can see Ted getting a letter. He opens it – if I look close I can make out that Kyle and I died in a fire. Ted loses it. I watch him progress over the next years – in fast forward – drinking, being with a long series of women. He is alone – doesn’t really care – lets other people make choices for him. He is angry, depressed and bitter until he dies in his 60’s – a very wealthy, but sad person.

I’m back into nothingness but I see a rainbow in the distance. I reach it and I look inside. There I can see my son and I – asleep in a hotel room. We look exhausted, but happy. It’s a nice room too!

And that’s it!

Interesting past life vision seeing that my son in this life now is named Kyle. His middle name was to be Patrick but I changed it.

Last week I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours a night from Christmas Eve all the way to New Years day. During the time I would lie there and my mind wouldn’t shut off, I had many visions. One I had of Bill and a past life together that I thought was interesting:

I was a daughter of a very wealthy family who was promised to another to wed. Bill (whose name was Matthew I discover) was very poor, but a hard labor who adored me. We were in love and made plans to run off to get married. On the night I was to meet him, my father had me taken to the man’s house I was to marry – another rich man whose combined wealth my father’s would make for a handsome purse. Anyway – I didn’t show up to see Bill. He thought I dumped him – he had heard I got married, thought that I choose money over him. Brokenhearted – he simply disappeared. I spent the rest of my life married to a man I didn’t love.

Now this life precedes all the other lives where Bill is very aggressive in keeping me as “his”. Now I understand why.

What was strange (like that wasn’t enough) is that I was half in sleep and half not when I had this vision. Bill and I just met in this life (as in 2006) and we were having a PLR. I was first and he sat by and watched.

I tried to do my podcast this morning – but I kept coughing too much so I will try again tomorrow! I’m hoping to have an early night and get to bed soon to catch up on my Zzzzzzzz’s!

Hope all had a great New Year’s Eve and a peaceful start to the year!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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