Mercury Retro Is A Bitch!

Mercury Retro Is A Bitch!

Am I right or am I right?? Mercury started its retro dance today/last night. If you are not familiar with a Mercury Retrograde – in a nut shell it is the illusion that the planet is traveling “backwards”. It doesn’t actually travel backwards, but its energy reverses itself. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, things can go pretty screwy. With communication I am talking about not only verbal conversations, but anything we use to communicate: phones, computers, tablets, and fax machines. This is not the time to sign contracts or to make any finalized decisions. No big decisions now — no matter how bad you want to make one! Plus OBE connections and magic will go sideways. If you still OBE (cause God knows I will be) and want to do magic – make sure you are specific and direct. With OBE, that person needs to be in your line of sight completely (meaning he or she is firm in your imagination). Dreams will be more difficult to remember during a retro as will your astral travel adventures. Telepathic connections need to be direct – no beating around the bush with what you want. Say what you want and do what you want – no alluding to anything as it will backfire.

Keep in on the low-down till July 20th when Mercury is direct.

So what CAN you do doing this time? Reflect on where you have been and where you want to go. Plan plan plan. Finish up projects that have been lingering. Intuition will be high high high (especially since this MR is in the sign of Cancer) and pay attention to synchronicity. They’re there for a reason. PAY ATTENTION (my guide Joshua wanted me to make sure you understood that part). Also – go within and find out what makes you tick! What makes you tick is what you need to be doing!

Part of my planning during this MR – how to get to Eco Del Mare next year!

So MR may be a bitch – but make her YOUR bitch!

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