Meditation, Writing and Rick!

Meditation, Writing and Rick!

Happy birthday to Rick. Ok, his birthday was yesterday – and I did wish him well – but since I didn’t write in the blog yesterday – here we are. Hard to believe he’s 61. In other news – my son is still sick. We went to the doctor’s today. Although he doesn’t technically have strep or pneumonia, the doc and I figured he was only a day or so away from testing positive. So he has antibiotics for strep. Poor dude. He could still use your light and love if you’d like to continue helping him out.  I know we would both appreciate it. His dad is actually stepping up to the plate so that I can go to my classes tomorrow. I know that it’s his guilt that he is living the high life while his son and I struggle that makes him help. But I’ll take the help any way I can get it.

Although it has been a struggle financially since my divorce – I know in my heart that this year will be an improvement. Starting about March/April. I have no idea what happens in order to get that ball rolling – but I am convinced that it will happen.

My goals are taking longer for me to cross off my list. Between the kid and I being sick – I’ve lost two weeks already out of this new year. But I am still making headway – which is important.

For the Flash Spell book I have 10 sections – each will have 100 spells and then one extra to sum it all up (1001 spell book). Each spell will use 3 or less items. So it could be candle, oil and words. Or maybe just candle, a stone and your imagination. All are very very easy to do. The 10 sections will be:

  • Money/Finances
  • Prosperity/Abundance
  • Love/Friendship
  • Job/Career
  • Health/Power
  • Family/Pets
  • School/Court
  • Luck
  • Protection
  • Guides/Angels/Spirits

Did I forget anything? I had thought about putting dreams in there. Maybe under the angel/guide section?

Dreamers I have finally decided what I’m going to do. It’s actually kinda cool cause I can get endless stories out of it. Kinda like Star Trek or Stargate – those adventures could have been endless. Every dreams. So my canvas is endless. I wish I knew how to successfully write a sci fi novel. I have a lot of “how to” books – but I’m much better one on one with someone. One way or the other though – draft one will be done by the time Santa shows up.

The reason I tell you guys what I’m doing or not doing with my writing is that it helps hold me accountable. If I keep it all to myself then I would never get a thing done. I know me:) 

I had a couple of phone readings today with clients. All were gracious as I hacked up a lung or two during the convo. One central “to do” came up for all of them – and I know for me as well — meditation. I admit – I haven’t meditate in a long time. Sure I tune into the guys once a day to see how they’re doing. But I don’t have to mediate to do it. Iris has been saying for awhile now that I’ve plateaued with my gifts. Not that I’m in a bad spot – I’m not. But they won’t get stronger unless I start to mediate again.  She said – 15 min a day. 15 min. That’s not asking for a lot — and she’s right.

I like using the guided meditations from these guys: and they have many free guided meditations (short – 15 – 28 min) on iTunes. Just do a search for “Meditation Oasis”. I also like Dick and Tara Sutphen: their meditations are much longer 70 min or so and as far as I know there aren’t any free ones.

A dream visit I had the other night was pretty interesting. I was with a group of people – a big group. We were at a cabin in the middle of no where – and we were white water rafting. A bunch of them decided to go for a jaunt down river. Not far – they’d be back by night. Wanted to know if I’d go. Me and another guy turned them down. We were tired and wanted just to chill. So as they were all about to go – I looked up in the sky and saw a storm approaching. I told them it would be a bad idea to go – they all ignored me. No more than an hr after they were gone – this huge ass storm came barreling down.  It was so bad that this guy and I each had life vests on – and we were on land! I knew that nothing would happen to me or him – so did he. We stayed indoors as the world went whipping by. Inside the home it was as calm as calm could be (us in our life vests – lol). The storm ended – we went out. The sun was high – birds were singing and there wasn’t anything standing around us for miles. We knew that all of our friends had to be dead. We talked about looking for survivors. We gathered what gear we had from inside the cabin and made our way out – walking along side the river. Before we could find anyone I woke up.

As soon as I woke up I heard someone say – you survived…the worst of it is now behind you. I of course went huh? Looked around and saw a Bubba (dog) staring at me.

Before when I had a dream with some sort of disaster in it – I was always scrambling to be safe. I was always afraid. Now I know not to be afraid. It’s a liberating feeling.

Not sure if I will have time to get to the podcast tonight. It may be Wed.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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