Matt, Blue Waters And Next Week!

Matt, Blue Waters And Next Week!

I had a very nice dream visit with Matt this morning. It started with me going on a trip some where. I’m on the phone for what feels like the millionth time, trying to call for my flight – or something pertaining to my trip. I’m talking to another woman while I’m calling. Someone answers, but then hangs upon me. I hit redial. Now a man answers and tells me that all is on schedule and that my plane is waiting for me.

The next thing I know I am high on a cliff overlooking the bluest waters I’ve ever seen. Below me are a large group of people (men, women, children, all races) who want to get into the water. There are 5 inlets to which you can stand in line and go out into the water. The water has some nice waves to it – but nothing major.

I watch people get into line. I study the 5 inlets to see which one is the least rocky. The one on the far left (which would be inlet 1 I think) has minimal rocks. I think to myself – why aren’t more people going there? They are picking the more difficult paths. So I go down to inlet 1 where I see a Hawaiian male teen and a Caucasian woman waiting to get into the inlet next. I let the teen go in front of me — and then I said out loud – this is an ocean! Why do we have to go in one by one? It’s big enough for everyone.

So I waded into the water and dove under. It felt like a slice of heaven. The water was choppy, but manageable. In the distance I se a group of people – I swim towards them knowing that Matt is out there. Sure enough, there he is – shirtless and beautiful. He has his back to me, but senses that I am behind him and turns around. His mouth is open to say something and I say (not sure out loud or telepathically) – you should be able to read my mind by now.

He smiles and kisses me.

Matt asks if I’m going to be part of the log rafting trip next week. We keep kissing and I nod – yes. The trip was a week from yesterday – so it should be next Sat Aug 25th.

I start to tell Matt (in between more kissing) that I’ll be done in a few minutes next week. Then I corrected myself and said I’ll be finished with him in a few minutes (without saying we both knew I was talking about oral sex) and he says – thank you. I’ll return the favor. He then says – I can’t believe this is all real.

I woke up.

I could still feel his hands on my body and his lips on mine. A nice way to start my morning.

I get from my guide Ethan that Matt is catching on — faster than I think he is — and he’ll get the message when the time is right (which is soon). When I ask Ethan what message? He smiles and says nothing.

BTW…I’m cross posting this entry to Allie’s 2 Cents and OBE sex since it has elements in it that fits both blogs.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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