Mark, Karma and Iris!

Mark, Karma and Iris!

I was going to write about Mark last night — but by the time I got done with my work it was 2:30 am. I was pooped. I still am.

Tuesday night’s dream continued into Wednesday’s nights visit. Mark and I were sitting at a picnic table – one in the middle of a park. No one was around. he and I were drinking black coffee — it was very strong as if it was brewed a week ago and it just sat there until we drank it. I remember thinking that he and I needed this leaded coffee so that we could keep going — the difficulties are before us.

Mark asked me how to stop the train. I told him that everything was already in motion and there was no stopping things. He sighed – looked really sad – and said that he wished things would be different. That he didn’t have to go through the pain he will have to endue in order for him to move forward in this life. He added that he was happy that I was the one who would help him through this — and in return he would fix his karmic debt to me. I asked him what had happened in the past in order for him to have this karmic debt — and this must be a major debt as he needs to clear it in order not to have to come back as a human. He smiled (he has the most amazing smile I have ever seen) and said – yeah, I fucked up a few times. With me – I asked? Unfortunately he replied. What did you do? (I just had to know). I don’t have a clue – was his reply to me. I wish I could remember. The thing is Al (he called me Al) is that in order for me to fix the past, you have to open up and let me in. Can you do that? I stared at him – slammed my hands on the table — woke up.

Last night it continued…..

Mark’s at my house — he’s looking around — you need new carpet – new furniture – and a different car. I nod and say it’ll all come eventually. He replied – let me get it for you. I answered – no. Al…he said…I have more money than I need….let me help you. Why? I asked. So I can owe you? No, he said, because I owe YOU.

So this is how you’ll pay me back..with material crap? No – he cups my face in his hands – but it’s a start. I turned from him and say that Brodie needs to go outside potty. He yelled at me — don’t shut me out. The dog and I go outside. Once outside Brodie was not there — and I’m in the middle of a forest.

I turned around and Mark was there — on the ground is a tent, camping equipment and a burning fire. You still like to camp – he asked? I turned away from him and was about to walk the opposite direction when he appeared in front of me.

I’m not Bill, Ted, Vincent…and I’m sure as hell not Will. I’m not them! I found you. Who do you think put the thoughts in your head for you to find me?

Yeah — just like Will did — and where did that get me?

NOT like Will — it took you months to figure out that he was calling you – it took you a couple of weeks with me.

But you’ve been in my energy since 1979. A lot longer than Will or any of them. So actually – it took you 30 years. I turned again to get away from him and he grabbed my arm – yanked me to him.

I’m not one of the bad guys.

Time will tell — I yanked my arm away.

All of a sudden this blast of light and wind made us both stumble — it was blinding.


Stop acting like children! Mark — you need Allie and Allie you need Mark. Allie — do you want to go through these same lessons with relationships – AGAIN? Mark — do you want to live through the same pain that you are about to experience — do you want to come back AGAIN?

More important — do you want me as your guide AGAIN?

We stay silent.

Iris glared at both of us — and fades from view.

I look at Mark – he looks at me. Without a second of hesitation – he grabbed me — kissed me — very soft – seductive — very nice. He pulled back – smiled. I could hear an alarm in the background. He said — it was time to wake up.

So we did.

Mark and our karma is going to be harder than I thought.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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