Do you need to manifest something or someone in your life? Or maybe you need to pushing that someone or something out of your life? If so, write a petition!

Best moon phase: Waxing (manifest), Waning (banish)

Supplies: colored paper, pen, fireproof container (non-metal), lighter/matches


– Take the colored paper (what color you use depends on what you want: love = red or pink. sex = red, green = money/prosperity, blue = protection or health, purple = psychic awareness, spirituality, Yellow = communications, Orange = happiness, etc..) and write:

I (your name), ask in the name of the Divine with the help of my guides, angels and elemental helpers to be granted/have removed (state your intention clearly and specifically). I thank the Divine, my guides, angels and elementals helpers for this, and I ask that this be for the highest good of all involved, harming none. Thank you.

– Fold the paper, place it in the non-metal container and light.

**If you do not wish to use fire, you may also bury the paper, rip it up in shreds and scatter it in the wind or dissolve in water.**

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