Manifestation Journal, My Son And Bill!

Manifestation Journal, My Son And Bill!

I had a dream last night that Merlin was giving me some words about the fact that I hadn’t started my Manifestation journal yet. I promised him that I would today – and I have. I happened to have a journal sitting around that I haven’t written in, so I decided to use it. I’ve tried to do the journal son the computer but it isn’t the same thing – you know? So for now, I’m going to write down a weekly manifestation list and a daily jot of what did manifest. Sometimes the little things go buy and we don’t take notice. But if it hadn’t been for the little tings, then the big things cannot happen. I also decided, this morning, that I would stop “How-ing” myself to death and just let things unfold like they should. The fact that I’m not trying to figure out the HOW or WHEN to things is a biggie manifestation in itself. I’ve always been the kind who had to work things out – on paper. Now I don’t have to – it’s a nice and new freedom.

My son’s birthday was Saturday the 1st. He’s officially 6. We had a good day – went to see CARS and then to his favorite restaurant, which thankfully is not McDonalds! This evening my family is coming over for a little party – both for him and the 4th. Then we are all heading down to the town’s firework show – always a good one!

Writing hasn’t gotten very far at all this week. I’ve been busy with the erotica stuff. The stories have went to get voiced and now we are working on logo’s and all of the promotional items. It’s fun. We’re looking at a launch for the end of August.

I had a few good names submitted for my new column. My two favorites thus far are “Allie’s AstroCast” and “GypsyCast”. I may not use anything to make the cast except for my own Divinely guided insight. I have also been thinking of a “Daily Message” too. I may call it the “Divine Message” or “Spiritual Message” of the day (or week). I’m tossing around a lot of things really. I want to redesign my monthly Numerscope too. Or maybe add the “Cast” with the “Message” into a newsletter.

Before I forget – now have my books at 23% off – they are now at $9.23. Good price. Especially seeing you get the book AND a booklet of one of my workshops.
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My headaches are back as well as my face breaking out — guess more changes are coming!

I had a telepathic connection to Bill yesterday. I’m not trying to force the connections – I’m just letting them happen when they need to. I can always tell when it is an actual connection or just my imagination kicking in. When it is an actual connection, I get very lightheaded and my tummy gets queasy. I’m learning how to recognize the connection without the physical side effects – so I’m trying to balance and ground when it happens. I feel very lofty otherwise.

My son woke up the other day and said he had a dream about me. He was my husband (I never told him about the Titanic vision), we were both 59 and we had 10 kids. He couldn’t remember anything else. But he was a pleased as punch that he was my husband. It was so cute.

Well, party guests will be here before I know it and I haven’t finished making the food! So I’d better run! I’ll try to get a session in tomorrow!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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