Orgasm + Desire = Manifestation! Hell ya! Who’s with me?

We hear it all the time — manifest your desires! An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!

But what if you could combine both bad-ass energy into one INSATIABLE activity? Trust me — taste the nectar once, and you’ll want to repeat again and again and again!

Everything is energy – right? Your thoughts are energy that floats out into the Universe and the Universe gladly responds. Orgasms are a wild burst of energy. And when you orgasm – you’re feeling damn good — and that’s energy. Wrap it up and tie it with a bow!

Are you in? If so, keep reading!

With yourself or with a partner – doesn’t matter – the steps are the same.

Manifestation via Orgasms

  1. Decide on a manifestation target. Be specific without being anal about it. You want more money, right? Be specific on how much money – let’s say $8000. But don’t be so specific that you pick out how you’re going to get it – except to say, “harm comes to none.”
  2. FEEL how happy you are – having the money in your hands right now! (yes, you will have to use your imagination for this one — I know you can do it)!
  3. If you need it – find an object or picture that will represent your desire. For the $8000, a picture of money. Personally, I find having an object takes me out of focus.
  4. Now the fun part — time to work yourself up to the tip of an orgasm. Partner sex, masturbate, out of body ecstasy sex — whatever method you need to use rocks.
  5. Right at the tip of orgasm – bring into focus (look at the object if you need to) what you want to manifest along with the feelings associated with it. Since you’re right on the verge of orgasm, you should be ecstatic and happy.
  6. Allow yourself to orgasm and as you ride the wave of ecstasy, keep your focus on what you want to manifest.

Repeat once a week as needed! Taste the nectar and enjoy the ride!

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    1. Allie


      Yes, you can. However, I have not done this method many times. It takes a lot of concentration and a pretty good memory. You must vividly create the dream, complete with sights, sounds, and emotions. Then, when sending it to another person, you need to recreate it exactly as you first imagined it. I would start short – like a 30 sec or 1 min dream – and work up from there. If the other person’s energy rejects the dream, let it go. Forcing someone to accept something comes with it some heavy karmic baggage.

      Good luck!
      Allie 🙂

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