Jilted By Love?

Jilted By Love?

Are you emotionally upset by the ending of a relationship, stressed to the point where you think you’ll have a breakdown? This simple magical fix is great for anytime you are overwhelmed with negative emotions!

You’ll want to be someplace private without being disturbed. Doesn’t matter what phase the moon is in.

  1. Hold an amethyst in your right hand if right handed – left if left handed. 
  2. Pour ALL of your emotions, pain, and frustrations from your body through your arm, to your hand/palm and into the stone.
  3. When the emotions/pain have subsided – that means it is all in the stone.
  4. Go outside (if not there already) and preferably where you will not be heard (unless you do not care if someone hears you).
  5. As you scream or shout – throw the stone as hard and as far as you can. (the screaming as you release gets the last little bit of pain that may still be hanging  in there).
  6. Take a moment, realize that the pain you had is in that stone and out of you.
  7. Take a few calming breaths. Be still for a couple of minutes. Thank the Earth for its help.
  8. Turn around and leave the pain outside.

The Earth will absorb the pain from the amethyst – so the stone will be just fine. But do not bring the stone back into your life.

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