Lucky Louie Oil

Lucky Louie Oil

Need some extra luck in your life? Give this oil a try!

In a DARK GLASS BOTTLE with LID, combine equal amounts of following:

Irish Moss
Oak Moss
Orris Root or Powdered Sugar

Drop in a TIGER’S-EYE stone.

Fill the BOTTLE with JOJOBA OIL (this isn’t really an oil so it doesn’t go bad if it sits for a long spell).

Put the LID on the BOTTLE.

ROLL the BOTTLE around in your HANDS to mix the HERBS/OIL.

Anoint your HANDS, WRISTS, NECK with the OIL. You can also anoint CANDLES and SACHETS as needed for increased good luck.

PS: This is named “Lucky Louie Oil” because it was taught to me by a nice old man named Louie:)

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