Are you hosting a party this holiday season? Or maybe an intimate gathering for two? If so — want to spread the love?

You’ll need two non-metal bowls – large one to hold the punch and a small glass one to hold the stones.

Make your punch the night before your gathering. In the punch itself, set the small glass bowl. In the bowl place: 1 Quartz Crystal, 1 Amethyst, 1 Rhodocrosite – if you wish people to have sex sometime after the party – add in 1 Carnelian – want to add telepathic connections into the mix – add 1 Moldavite (if you add the Moldavite, take out the Quartz Crystal or you may end up with more wired people than you wish).

Cover the bowls with plastic wrap. Place it in a window sill or outside in the moonlight.

Remove the bowls from the window sill come morning – store someplace to keep it cool (if needed).

Before the guests arrive – remove the plastic wrap and the glass bowl.


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