Love, Sex And 2012

Love, Sex And 2012

2012 is going to be a heck of a year. Hands down one of the most important years in recent memory. This pertains to not only your life as a whole and the growth of your soul – but to love and sex as well.

Love and sex are going to be tightly intertwined in during 2012. Why you ask? Because 2012 is a year of transition. Besides the fact that the current Mayan cycle of 5125 years (3113 BCE to 2012 AD) ends, it is also a 5 Universal Year (2+0+1+2 = 5) which is a cycle of change. You put two of those forces together in regards to our personal space, energy and vibration and you have WOW.

The start of 2012 is processing the left over from 2011 – the energy is giving us our final push to make us to where we need to be on our soul’s path, which includes love & relationships. This time is ripe for relationships that have been on the rocks to fall over the edge. While relationships that were strong and those who were single will now experience an increased sex drive and sexual partners. The only danger here is that those marriages that were/are strong will not only enjoy a hike in sexual fin at home – but the temptation for sexual affairs will be at an all time high.

By the time we slide into March, we are hitting solid energy. This energy will take us on a sexual tidal wave. It will be a FUN ride! But if the sexual energy is not expended via couple sex or masturbation, then emotions will fluctuate. Looking to get pregnant? 2012 has your back and March is your best buddy (well, other than your partner). From March to May is stellar for getting pregnant. Engaged? Wonderful time to get married during all three months with May 19th as the best day. Marriages made during this time do so with solid energy in and around the couple (plus the Honeymoon would be passionate).

June through September the energy is still sizzling, but it has periods of softness to it. This means in regards to love, sex and romance you will have your hot, passionate moments, but also tender, thought-provoking ones as well. If you are still trying to hold on to a relationship that is way past it’s prime, the universe will throw you one last curve ball to make you wake up, back a bag and realize it is time to move forward. New relationships will feel “right” even upon just meeting one another or going on on only 1 or 2 dates.

October through the end of the year we are in the home stretch. Society will be on it’s way to where it has to be – no matter if they got here kicking and screaming or if they simply rolled with it. No one can be a force against the universe and win. You should be with the love you are supposed to be with for many years down the road. If you find yourself still single, it’s not the end of the world – honest. It just means either you or your future partner went through the year kicking and screaming and they are not exactly where they are supposed to be when the two of you meet. Engagements are expected to be high at this time and so is passionate sex with conceiving a child. If you do not want to get pregnant, make sure you take the steps not to be.

Always remember that just because the energy is ripe for love and sex, doesn’t mean you can have either without any effort from you. Leave the house – go outside of your comfort zone. This is the year to take chances.

2012 is a fabulous year for love and sex. Get out there and make it your year!

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