Love and Perfectionism

Love and Perfectionism

Do love and perfectionism mix? In a word – no. Yet it appears that is what people look for in a partner.

When someone is in a relationship and he or she asks me for advice – it is usually because the other person did something or did not do something to the advice seeker’s specifications. But who ever said that the way the advice seeker does something is the correct way? They do. Who says that the correct way to do something is the way the offending person did it? The offending person of course!

The point here is there is no one way to do something. Each person has his or her own unique way of viewing a task and then based on his or her experience, will set upon completing the task.

Yet people are asking for advice all the time (and I really mean ALL the time) about why doesn’t he or she do it this way? Why doesn’t he or she show love this way? Or express his or her feelings in line with the way they do?

Because no two people are the same. Even twin flames and soul mates, who are almost exact energy wise – still will look at something and see two different things.

When you love someone, you love them for who he or she is – not who you think he or she could become. If you love for someone for who they are – then in a sense he or she is perfect. If you love them for who you hope they will be, perfect is no where in the picture and should not be expected to arrive.

So if you want a love and perfectionism to mix, then love who they are and remember that as humans, no two people do things exactly the same way.

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