Love Magic: Level Up A Relationship

Love Magic: Level Up A Relationship

Love magic is something I haven’t done in a while here on the blog. With the upcoming May demise of my old site, I thought I’d like to throw a little magic out there!

If you are looking to take a current love to the next relationship level, give this spell a try…

On a FRIDAY on or falls right before or after the next FULL MOON:

1. Gather fluids from each person (menstrual blood is best for women, semen best for men) such as urine, saliva, blood. Not a lot of fluid is needed, a drop or two works. If no fluid can be obtained from a partner, hair will do.

2. Combine the fluid/hair with: 1 cup flour and 3/8 cup salt in a medium bowl, then pour in 3/8 cup hot tap water and stir well. Knead on a floured board for at least 5 minutes working in a couple of drops of red food coloring (optional).

3. Roll the dough flat. Shape into a heart.

4. With the tip of a knife, carve in both names into the heart: ie: Allie Theiss + Bill Whatsyourname = True Love.

5. Allow the clay to dry. (sitting it on wax paper on top of a cookie sheet is always a way to go)

6. When dry, place the heart and a dash of orris root or powdered sugar into a ziplock baggie and seal shut. Put it someplace where it will not be disturbed.

PS: You could also add the orris root/powdered sugar directly to the heart AFTER the carving in of the names and BEFORE the clay drys 🙂

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